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About Us

MobileGard was started after a dear friend of ours succumbed to brain cancer.  We noticed he had always had his cell phone “plastered” to his head (like most of us).  After doing some extensive research, we found disturbing evidence that showed a likely connection between cell phones and cancer, cell phones and slower sperm motility and other diseases caused by the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).  We found out that placing cell phones next to our heads isn’t the only health risk associated with cell phone use.  Carrying our phones against our bodies — in the pockets of our pants and jackets and tucking them into our leggings and bras — is equally as dangerous to our health.  We knew we had to do something about this and it was then that our mission became clear.


We began scouring our resources across the globe until we discovered an exclusive, high-quality, high-tech, radiation barrier technology that is powerful, yet light – acting as an invisible shield to block out up to 99% of EMFs!  We want everyone who owns a cell phone to have access to this amazing technology and we do that by offering manufacturers and retailers the ability to sew our product into virtually any type of garment.  It’s perfect as a pocket liner in jackets, pants, jeans, leggings or anywhere you place your phone, so your phone can always stay with you wherever you go WITHOUT causing any harm use kontantkort billigaste.


MobileGard provides manufacturers and retailers the means to incorporate  our proprietary technology into virtually any type of garment – in jackets, pants, jeans, leggings or anywhere you place your phone —  so it can stay by your side wherever you go WITHOUT causing you harm.


We know that cellphone radiation has become a universal problem. You can protect yourself with MobileGard.


MobileGard.  We’ve got you covered.

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