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Put Your Phones Down!

At more and more airports, I am overwhelmed by the number of very young toddlers I see playing with Dad’s smartphone or Mom’s tablet…holding it against their bodies and faces.  These wifi devices have become mobile babysitters for this tender young age group.  It seems that by the time a child is 3, s/he is an expert at playing videogames and making phone calls.  Meanwhile research increasingly suggests that the electromagnetic frequencies from these devices are penetrating his/her developing body and skull!

Does that seem alarming to you?  It does to me!  Constant texting by older kids and teens may actually be less of a health concern (though it might be concerning for other reasons!), but phoning — even when tethered to ear buds and wires and even when used with Bluetooth earpieces – may put your kids or you at risk.

cell phone can emit non-ionizing radiation (like that from a microwave oven) from the antenna within six inches of the body, so the farther away you keep your phone from your toddler, the better.  Use speakerphone when possible; corded headsets are a good bet also.   Just avoid placing the phone right up to your ear!

If all of this sounds upsetting, don’t go running home to use your house phone with vpn gratis just yet.  A digital cordless phone is even more powerful and emits more powerful non-ionizing radiation than cell phones.  Stick with the corded variety for those extra long phone calls you can’t get out of.


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