Research Is Telling Us To Take Precautionary Measures

US newspapers reported in May 2016, that doctors and scientists from Harvard and Yale medical schools warned that pregnant mothers should limit their unborn babies’ exposure to potentially harmful radiation by keeping cellphones away from their tummies because of the possible impact on brain development.  The doctors offered this advice during the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Baltimore where they also said parents should limit their children’s use of cellphones, iPads and other wireless technology because it can cause behavioral and concentration problems.  Definitely something to think about!

study recently released by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) spurred the debate even further when it investigated the role that cell phones have on our brain activity. While the report didn’t decisively link health detriments to cell phone usage, the ongoing questions have certainly made it easy for us to question what the long-term effects could be. And with the way in which technology is being adopted by our kids at younger ages than ever before, it’s even more important to consider whether cell phone usage is a health hazard.  As for me, I’d rather take matters into my own hands now to try to safeguard my children’s health instead of waiting for the medical community to conduct all of its studies, the results of which won’t be determined for years to come.

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